Want to add a twist to traditional chocolate chip cookies? If so, you'll love the following Chocolate Chip Cookies with Orange Zest and Vanilla Bean! The addition of these two basic ingredients creates an amazing flavor profile that will leave everyone asking for more. Read more →

Sometimes the best holiday cookie recipes are the ones found on the side of a packaged cake mix box. A good example is these Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies from Duncan Hines. Those of you who have followed The Cheap Gourmet for awhile know that I can't resist deviating from original recipes. However, I only modified this one a little bit. Read more →

I'm excited to share my Bacon Buttermilk Pancake Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream Frosting recipe. Not to brag, but these are the best cupcakes I have ever baked. Not only do you receive the goodness of a bacon-stuffed pancake, but also the divine decadence of maple buttercream frosting topped with a piece of crisp bacon. Read more →

Yesterday, I published my Smokin' Hot Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe for the Marx Foods: A Chile and A Spoon Recipe Competition. Today, I am asking for your vote and encouraging you to view all the amazing chile recipes submitted by food bloggers. Read more →

The following Smokin' Hot Molten Chocolate Lava Cake is a recipe I have created for the Marx Foods "A Chile and A Spoon" contest. Marx Food sent me a generous supply of chiles and I have been having so much fun experimenting with them. Read more →

The long awaited recipe for pink champagne cake with whipped cream icing and chocolate covered strawberries has arrived! This recipe was intended to be featured in the Luxury Dinner round of the FoodBuzz Food Blog competition. While The Cheap Gourmet blog did not advance, this cake recipe is way too good not to share! Read more →

The following Nature's Pride pumpkin bread pudding with Kahlua-infused raisins is a recipe I am submitting for a competition. If my recipe is selected, I will have the opportunity to present my dish to food bloggers during the Nature's Pride Festival food blogger conference hosted in San Francisco in November. Read more →

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of making Truvia Shortbread Cookies and I must say they are the best shortbread cookies I have ever tasted! As you may know, The Cheap Gourmet was contacted by the marketing department of Truvia Natural Sweetener and graciously donated FIVE full-size boxes of this delightful zero-calorie sweetener to be given away to readers of this blog. The winners of the January Giveaway have been selected and contacted via email. Once they confirm their prize and grant permission to use their names, I will post the winners on the blog. Read more →

The recipe for Truvia Natural Sweetener Brownies is available at Truvia's website, along with recipes for more yummy baked goods, sauces, spreads, pudding and hot cocoa mix. Truvia brownies were very easy to make and required about 15 minutes of prep time. Read more →

Thanksgiving and Holiday Dessert Recipe Resources

If you are reading this, chances are you're scrambling for Thanksgiving and holiday dessert recipes. The good news is you've come to the right place! Below I've listed my five favorite dessert resources. Each source provides dozens of yummy treats to serve on turkey day or throughout the holiday season. I know you're short on time, so let's get down to dessert business! Read more →

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas, Recipes, Cooking Tips and How-To Video Resources

Tired of the same ole' Thanksgiving menu? Ready to venture out and try new and exciting recipes? In need of cooking tips or searching for how-to videos that provide step-by-step cooking instructions? If so, you'll love the following Thanksgiving menu ideas and cooking resources! Read more →

Thanksgiving Healthy Holiday Cooking Menu Planner

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is only six days away! If you are looking for healthy alternatives to traditional holiday fare, I'd like to share The Cheap Gourmet Thanksgiving Healthy Holiday Cooking Menu Planner. Read more →

It's not too late to enter the Alouette Cheese Gourmet Fall Cheese Party Giveaway. But, you better hurry because the winner will be selected at midnight on Halloween night, October 31st. My dear friend, Maeme, was gracious enough to open her home and host The Cheap Gourmet's wine and cheese party. It was a huge success and tons of fun.... Read more →

In July, I ordered mini cupcake pans from Easy Bakeware, which I had not had a chance to try out. Several years ago, another friend of mine taught me how to make cupcake cakes. The guest list included several children and I thought mini cupcakes would be a great way to keep them away from the "grown-up" cake until it was ready to be served. Read more →

What's for Dessert? - 7 Simple Gourmet Dessert Recipes

I'll admit it. I have an insatiable sweet tooth. If I don't have some kind of dessert on a regular basis, I get cranky. Just ask my husband. I think it stems from my childhood. My mom always made sweet treats for us. We'd come home from school and the house would be filled with the scent of chocolate chip cookies or a freshly baked cake or pie. No matter how bad our day had been, the desserts always made everything better! Read more →

As I was preparing the peaches for freezing, I remembered mom's recipe for her famous Peach Cobbler. Considering I had nearly 10 pounds of peaches, I decide bake a batch of cobbler. Mom's recipe was a little vague and unfortunately, I can no longer call her up and ask for guidance. My first attempt didn't turn out so great. In fact, it was kind of a disaster. Read more →

Barb's Fall Harvest Pumpkin Bread

Since it is officially fall, I felt there was no better time to share mom's "Fall Harvest Pumpkin Bread" recipe. Mom served this hearty loaf bread throughout the fall and winter season. I remember one time she made the pumpkin bread for the adults attending a Halloween Party. I loved the aromas bursting from the oven and couldn't wait to indulge in a slice... Read more →

Cherry Delight Pie

While I intended to present mom's favorite recipes throughout the month of August, I simply wasn't able to bring myself to open her recipe box. Today, is the first time I have been strong enough to peruse mom's recipe collection. The first recipe in the box was for Cherry Delight Pie. Mom absolutely loved this dessert because it is super simple to make, it's affordable and everyone who eats it goes bonkers for it. I hope it becomes one of your favorites! Read more →

Dessert University: Cook Like a Chef, Even If You Can't Boil Water

Dessert University is the coolest thing I've ever seen! This multi-media collection includes over 100,000 recipes and step-by-step videos you can download to your computer and access at any time. The Dessert University package includes chocolate recipes, vanilla recipes, dessert recipes, candy recipes, sweet recipes and cooking lessons. Read more →