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Let's Talk About MightyNest

MightyNest is an exciting subscription box service that allows you to receive one hand-picked healthy, green product or create your own box to fit your lifestyle. MightyNest makes it simple to live healthier one month at a time. They offer pretty much everything you could ever need or want for cleaning, wellness, kitchen, kids, pets, gifts and travel.

Moso natural air purifying bag for refrigerator
They have some really unique items, like these Moso Fridge & Freezer Air Purifying Bags. They are longer lasting and more powerful than baking soda; absorb excess moisture & odors to keep food fresh; and recharge in the sun! 

Subscription boxes are super affordable. You can get your first month of MightyFix for $5. This is the service that offers one unique product each month. After that, it's $11/month or $99 annually (3 months free!). Better yet, shipping is included.

Members also receive discounts (up to 30%) on individual products, along with free shipping for anything extra added to their subscription box. 

I've always enjoyed everything I've received from MightyNest and I'm always finding new stuff that I didn't know I needed! If you're looking for non-toxic, green, sustainable, bio-degradable products for your home, personal care, pets, etc., check them out and discover what they offer.

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