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Let's Talk About MightyNest

MightyNest has an exciting new service, the MightyFix, that makes it simple to live healthier one month at a time. Discover one amazing product every month that helps your family live healthier plus get free shipping on any other product at MightyNest each month - all for only $10 per month. Each product is guaranteed to be worth more than $10 and is an innovative solution every healthy home needs.

This month, MightyNest is offering a special deal where you can get started with a LifeFactory waterbottle for only $5. The bottle is a 12 ounce glass water bottle that normally costs $18 or more. When you signup for the MightyFix and use promo code BOTTLEFIX2016, your first month will only be $5 and they'll make sure your first MightyFix is this Lifefactory water bottle! Sign up now and get this water bottle for your first month.

Glass water bottles are a great choice because (unlike plastic) chemicals will not leach into your drinking water over time.

The MightyFix - Lifefactory The MightyFix - 12oz Lifefactory Bottles The MightyFix - 12oz Lifefactory Bottles The MightyFix - 12oz Lifefactory Bottles

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