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Monthly Clubs make Great Holiday Gifts

If you've ever wondered if 'monthly clubs' are a good gift idea, I say yes they are! I've given beer of the month club subscriptions and received fruit of the month and chocolate of the month club packages. All offered unique treats I'd never seen before.

I've promoted monthly club programs for quite a few years, after getting a subscription for my husband. While these gifts aren't necessarily cheap, they are a good value and consist of exceptionally high quality goods.

Clubs of America offers 8 different 'of the month club' subscriptions including beer, wine, flower, fruit, cigar, coffee, chocolate, and pizza. Prices range from $27.95 to $64.95 per month and include free shipping, gift letter, and a monthly newsletter subscription.


Wine-of-the-month-clubWine of the Month Club offers 2 delightful varietals delivered monthly. Choose from all red, all white, or one of each. Click here to give wine.

Chocolate of the Month Club provides one pound of premium chocolates delivered monthly. Crafted by hand using the finest ingredients shipped fresh from specialty chocolatiers. Click here to give chocolate.

Flower of the Month Club offers one exquisitely fresh and unique flower bouquet delivered to the recipient's door each month. Exotic arrangements include large, fragrant flowers from the world's top growers. Click here to give flowers.

Coffee of the Month Club serves up 1-1/2 pounds of premium coffees in two distinctive selections each month. Choose from whole bean or ground. Click here to give coffee.

It's not too late to get your holiday order in. In fact, this is a great last minute gift because you can send recipients a gift certificate or email notice that can be delivered moments after submitting your order.

Click here to visit Clubs of America and explore all their 'of the month club' subscriptions.