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If you’re like most people, you enjoy having a nice meal out at a restaurant from time to time. The problem is, for many, eating out has become a much more regular occurrence. You can cut back on your expenses by finding discounts and coupons for restaurants that are offered on sites like But even with additional savings, eating out regularly can really add up. An even better solution for saving money is to forgo the restaurant experience altogether, in favor of an evening at home. explains that a couple eating at a mid-priced restaurant can easily spend $40. Making this a weekly habit ends up being more than $2000 a year. Many couples and families go out more than once a week, which can double or even triple the expense. It’s much safer to stay home and cook your own meals. Here are a few tips that will save you money and keep eating at home as exciting as eating out.

Experiment with different dishes.  Like most people, you probably have a set group of meals that you rotate through every week. This can get boring if you’re not careful. Try introducing a couple new recipes each month. The keepers can be added to the weekly rotation.

Invite company for Friday night. Having friends over can break up the monotony of staying at home. Plus it’s a great reason to spend time catching up with old friends.

Keep a full pantry. According to keeping a stocked pantry is important. You need to have ingredients on hand in order to make meals and avoid a last minute decision to go out to eat. Buying in bulk can be a good way to maintain your supply and save money as well.

If you find yourself unavoidably drawn to a restaurant meal, there are ways you can cut the costs of eating out. gives several ideas for how to discount your dinner out. Here are a few of these ideas.

Share a meal. Most restaurants give you much more than a single serving of food. It will be good for your wallet, and your waistline to divide a meal with a friend or spouse.

Skip drinks and dessert. These items will increase your bill by a lot. If you really want them, consider stocking some ice cream and mixed drink fixings for when you return home from the restaurant.

Look for special promotional nights. Many restaurants have deals on certain nights of the week or during certain hours. If you have children, look for kids-eat-free specials.

Your best option for saving money on your food budget is to cut out your restaurant trips and make meals at home. This will likely save you hundreds of dollars. But if you do go to a restaurant, be smart about your choices and you can make the trip fairly inexpensive. Just remember not to make it a weekly habit.