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Who Wants to Help Break the World Record for Largest Bake Sale

I'm in the process of organizing a community bake sale for charity and could use some feedback about an idea I have.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and am very appreciative of your time.

My mission: to break the world record for largest bake sale.

The purpose: to raise funds for Cookies for Kids' Cancer in honor of a very special 5 year old boy named Logan. 

The Story Behind the Bake Sale

Several years ago I virtually met a woman, Sherry Wight, through a writing website. We later connected on Facebook. In August 2010, her world was ripped apart when her son, Logan was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor known as AT/RT.

Sherry shared Logan's progress and set backs at her blog, Prayers for Logan. People joined together to offer prayer and support to Logan and his family. The group eventually became 'Team Logan' and we were privy to the emotional roller coaster ride the Wight family endured.  I was deeply touched by Sherry's blog posts and inspired by Logan's courage.

With great sadness, Logan passed on Saturday, February 11th, 2012. My heart ached for this family's loss and there was that feeling of wanting to do something, but not knowing what. When a friend passed along information about Cookies for Kids' Cancer, I knew what I wanted to do. I received Sherry's blessing to name our group 'Team Logan Bake Sale' and began jotting down ideas.

The Setting for the Bake Sale

I live in a small beach town that is always bustling with community activities. One popular event is a monthly car show hosted by East Coast Cruisers Car Club. My goal is to tie-in the bake sale with this group because Logan loved the movie "Cars" and the event attracts a lot of families and kids. It's the perfect venue for bringing awareness to the cause.

Currently, I have two potential options for setting up tables. One is in front of a candy store, the other in the parking lot of an automotive center where a lot of vintage motorcycles are displayed. Both are highly visible and attract a lot of foot traffic.

Additionally, I've talked with a few shop owners and they have offered to sell baked goods the entire day of the event.

Potential Partners for the Bake Sale

I recently had a meeting with a woman who owns a co-op bakery and we are working on getting several bakers to provide baked goods. During the brainstorming session the idea of setting a world record was brought up.

A little research revealed the current Guiness Record for Largest Bake Sale is $25, 578. If baked goods were sold at $2 each, Team Logan Bake Sale would have to sell 12,789 items. Obviously, that's a whole lot of baked goods for a handful of people to make. Not to mention the expense.

The Solution for Breaking the Largest Bake Sale Record

My idea is to encourage people from all across the country to bake one dozen cookies. Volunteers would need to be willing to absorb the cost of ingredients and shipping. It's a small price to pay to help raise money for a great cause and for making history, wouldn't you agree?

Will You Help with the Team Logan Bake Sale?

Essentially, I am looking for 1,000 people to bake one dozen cookies, muffins, or other kinds of baked goods.

Would you be interested in joining the Team Logan Cookies for Kids Cancer fundraising event? Would you also ask your friends and family to participate? If so, leave a comment below so I can get in touch with you as things progress. You might find it helpful to follow me on Facebook to receive updates about this event.

I believe that together we can complete the mission and raise a lot of money for pediatric cancer research. Let's do this for Logan and all the other kids that are afflicted with childhood cancer. All it takes is one dozen cookies at a time.


Written by Kathy Browning