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Calling All Home Cooks! MasterChef Season 3 Open Calls Now Taking Place

Masterchef casting call season 3
One of my favorite reality shows is MasterChef, so when a casting producer from the show asked me to let visitors know about upcoming open calls for Season 3 I was happy to help. It's hard to believe a year has passed since MasterChef open calls for Season 2 took place. Where has the time gone?

I had planned to audition for MasterChef last year, but personal issues came up that prevented me from attending. I knew there would be plenty of exceptional cooks trying out and my chances of being selected were about as slim as winning the lottery, but I wanted to attend just to get a feel for what it's like.

After watching Season 2, I realized I don't have the skills to compete. Those contestants whipped up some serious gourmet food that I would have no clue how to prepare. However, I do have a lot of passion for cooking and meeting Gordon Ramsay is on my bucket list, so I just might find the courage to audition and see if my family recipe would be enough to wow the judges.

One thing to consider when applying is that whatever dish you prepare should hold up at room temperature. Realize your dish is prepared at home (or a hotel) and transported to the event. You might be standing in line for quite awhile before heading to the judges table.

If you aren't able to attend a live event, you can submit a video of your dish. Keep in mind that thousands of people submit videos, so if you go this route make sure to submit a high quality video that showcases your personality and cooking style.

You also need to fill out an application before attending MasterChef open calls. The application is 11 pages, so make certain to set aside plenty of time to fill it out completely.

As one who has participated in cooking contests, I encourage you to prepare a few test dishes and let them sit out for several hours to see how they hold up. While I'm not a big fan of wasting food, it's okay to make a small portion of your signature dish to make sure it's going to look good when presented to the judges. Remember, the grand prize is $250,000 so you want to put your best dish forward.

For those of you that do have plenty of culinary talent, I encourage you to reach for the stars and attend an audition. You really have nothing to lose and are certain to meet some new friends and learn new cooking techniques while you're there. Everything you need to know about MasterChef Season 3 Open Calls is presented at