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HCG Diet Results

As you may recall, last month I declared The Cheap Gourmet is Trying the HCG Diet. After 40 days of consuming around 500 calories per day, along with the HCG homeopathic drops and liquid vitamin B-12 complex, the results are in.

I am happy to announce that with the help of the HCG diet I was able to shed 19-1/2 pounds and 15-1/2 inches. Hooray! I feel like a new woman and am ecstatic about my personal HCG diet results (as is my husband!).

While I had hoped to lose 30 pounds, I am satisfied with almost 20. I intend to do another round in November to lose the rest. In the meantime, I plan on continuing with the tools I received through the HCG diet. The primary lessons learned were PORTION control and eating on a regular basis.

I'm pretty certain I would have lost the full 30 pounds if I hadn't cheated. It wasn't because I was hungry. Believe it or not, the HCG drops really do curb the cravings and I felt full most of the time.

I cheated simply because I was bored or thought I was having a craving I just had to give into. Like the nights I ate chocolate fudge and the time I used butter just because I couldn't live without it one more day. I'm only human and I do love food, especially chocolate, so I didn't beat myself up too bad and worked on sticking to it until the end.

I really do plan on posting the recipes I tried while on the HCG Diet. We ate very well and I learned how to make meals that complied with the guidelines, yet provided a hardy meal for my husband. I've been fortunate to add new clients and they have been keeping me very busy. With any luck, I can begin sharing these tasty foods with you within the week.

In the meantime, I am excited to share my before and after photo with you. I'd also like to thank Tara Burner for being my motivational coach and helping me achieve my weight loss goals. If you're going to try the HCG Diet, I'd highly recommend purchasing the drops through Tara. She is the best weight loss cheerleader anyone could ask for.