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Calling All Home Cooks! MasterChef Season 2 Casting Calls Now Taking Place

If you've ever dreamed of being a MasterChef now is your chance to shoot for the stars. Fox Broadcasting is hosting nationwide casting calls for MasterChef Season 2. Known as the 'American Idol' for home cooks, the winner of MasterChef takes home a $250,000 cash prize and a cookbook publishing contract.

In order to become a contestant for MasterChef, home cooks must attend a casting call to present their signature dish. MasterChef casting calls are being held across the nation from November 6 through December 11, 2010. Host cities include: Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, New Orleans, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Portland. A complete list of dates, times, and locations is available at

While I'm not certain of the exact number of home cooks who attend casting calls, I'd venture to say there will be several hundred at each casting call. As one who has entered cooking competitions in the past, I encourage you to give plenty of thought to your signature dish.

One very important thing to consider is how well your dish will taste at room temperature. You see, there is no kitchen facility at MasterChef casting calls. Instead, contestants prepare their dish at home, transport it to the casting call, and stand in line until their name is called. Chances are it will be several hours before your food passes the lips of food judges.

MasterChef has taken this into consideration and encourages contestants to bring along a photo of their dish. Applicants are also encouraged to shoot a short video (less than 15 minutes in duration) and bring along to the casting call. Take advantage of all options available. That way, if you become tongue-tied during tryouts, you will have a video and photograph which can be viewed by casting producers.

Take time to review ALL of the information published at Read it two or three times to ensure you understand the requirements. Then, fill out your application and prepare a few test drive dishes. After all, you are competing for a quarter of a million dollar prize and the opportunity to launch your very own cookbook.

I will be attending the Orlando MasterChef casting call. If you plan to attend, I'd love to hear from you! I will also be covering the event as a foodie journalist and am looking for contestants to interview, so if you are trying out, contact me so we can arrange an interview.

As a wise young man once told me, this isn't a matter of having good luck. It's a matter of having good skill. Hone your skills and you could very well be the next MasterChef!

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