Greek Feast for Two Dinner Menu: Project Food Blog Challenge #2
Nature's Pride Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Kahlua-Infused Raisins and Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Time to Return to Regularly Scheduled Food Blogging

Sadly, The Cheap Gourmet blog did not advance into round three of the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog Challenge. However, I thank everyone who cast their vote for my Greek Feast for Two entry. I definitely had a lot of fun participating in the challenges and have learned how to become a better food blogger.

While I wish I had advanced, it is time to get back to regularly scheduled food blogging. Project Food Blog inspired me to step outside my comfort zone. The participating food bloggers inspired me to learn more about food photography and opened doors to culinary exploration. So, while I didn't win, I am a winner and what I learned can be shared with you - my loyal visitors who love me regardless of whether I'm competing in cooking contests or not.

Had I gone on to round three, I would be in the midst of preparing a luxury dinner for four, which included a delightful champagne cake. I've been giving considerable thought to this cake for several days and have decided to make it over the weekend. As soon as it is ready, I will be publishing the recipe. It should be a great cake for all types of special celebrations and I look forward to sharing the end result with you.

I encourage you to visit and vote for the remaining participants. They are working very hard to receive the crown of Blog Star and they deserve our votes.

I plan to share links to some of my favorite Project Food Blog participants so you don't miss out on what they offer.  One of my favorite foodie blogs is by Peter and Christey. I met this couple while attending a FoodBuzz Tastemaker event at Carrabba's Italian Grill in Orlando, FL.

Peter cooks and Christey photographs. Together they create some of the most gorgeous food I have ever seen. I am very happy they have moved forward in the competition and am rooting for them to win. Take a moment to visit their food blog at But, be sure to grab a napkin because you're certain to salivate!

Again, thank you for taking time to vote. I look forward to sharing my new food blogging skills and learning more about ethnic foods and cooking techniques. While I am out of the contest, I'm more motivated than ever to provide amazing, yet affordable, meals to the readers of The Cheap Gourmet blog.

Bon Appetit!