Project Food Blog Challenge #1: Defining The Cheap Gourmet Blog
Greek Feast for Two Dinner Menu: Project Food Blog Challenge #2

Project Food Blog Voting is Now OPEN!

It's official! Project Food Blog Voting is now open! If this is your first visit to The Cheap Gourmet blog, allow me to fill you in. I am competing in a food blog competition hosted by Over 1800 food bloggers are competing to win the first Food Blog Star award that is accompanied by a $10,000 grand prize.

Project Food Blog consists of 10 challenges. In order to make it through each round, FoodBuzz will compile votes from the panel of judges and Featured Publishers. The general public can cast votes as well. Public votes can help bloggers win the Reader's Choice award which will propel them into the next competition.

The only requirement for public votes is that individuals become a member of the FoodBuzz community. There is no fee to join and the rewards are bountiful. With over 4,000 food bloggers, members are certain to find a wide range of recipes from around the globe.

The first FoodBuzz challenge was to write about why I should be the first Food Blog Star. Take a walk down memory lane with me as I share how The Cheap Gourmet blog was born in my first PFB Challenge blog post.

To cast your vote, click on the profile button below, on the right sidebar, or at the bottom of the PFB challenge post. I hope I move on to the next challenge and appreciate your vote as it will help me arrive at the destination of the first Food Blog Star!