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Project Food Blog Challenge #1: Defining The Cheap Gourmet Blog Project Food Blog Contest

The Cheap Gourmet is participating in Project Food Blog contest presented by Nearly 2,000 food bloggers will be competing in a series of 10 culinary challenges in hope of winning the title of Food Blogger of the Year and the grand prize of $10,000.

I am excited to participate in Project Food Blog and hope I make it to the end. The competition is stiff, but FoodBuzz has leveled the playing field so that every contestant has the opportunity to advance to the next round. The challenges are exciting and provide the opportunity to engage in culinary activities I have not yet tried.

The first challenge begins today and voting will begin on September 20th. In order to keep voting fair, FoodBuzz requires all voters to register as a FoodBuzz community member. There is no fee to join and members have access to thousands of delicious and unique recipes from passionate foodies. I would greatly appreciate your vote and encourage you to join the FoodBuzz community today by visiting

Members of the FoodBuzz community are allowed to vote for their favorite contestants. The food blogger who receives the most community votes is given the Reader's Choice award which allows them to move into the next challenge. Reader's Choice is similar to winning immunity in a reality TV show competition.

Additionally, Project Food Blog contestants will have their blog posts critiqued by a panel of three judges including: Dana Cowin, Editor-in-Chief of FOOD & WINE magazine; Nancy Silverton, Founder of LaBrea Bakery; and Pim Techamuanivit, Author of and The Foodie Handbook.

Honestly, I'm a little intimidated to be in the company of these food stars, but my mom always said if you want to get ahead in life you have to get out of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, my mom is no longer here to offer support and words of wisdom, so I'm counting on my fans to help me through and offer my sincere gratitude to those who help by casting their vote.

Voting for the first challenge begins on September 20th. Only 400 contestants will move into the second challenge, so I really need your votes during the first challenge. If you feel my blog post is worthy of your vote, simply click on the profile button which will be published at the bottom of each Project Food Buzz blog post.

Thank you for helping me work toward becoming the first FoodBuzz Food Blogger of the Year. I hope I make you proud! Please bookmark this page or subscribe to the mailing list by entering your email address in the subscription box on the right sidebar under the FoodBuzz ad to receive notification of upcoming Project Food Blog challenges. Each competition post will have the following profile graphic attached to make voting for The Cheap Gourmet quick and easy.


This blog post is not part of the Project Food Blog challenge. It is intended for informational purposes so you will know what to look for. I will be publishing my first challenge on Wednesday, September 15th and you will be allowed to vote between September 20-23rd. If all goes according to plan, I will be on the winner's list, which will be announced on September 24th, and allowed to move on to the second challenge. Wish me luck and thanks again for your support!