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April 2010

Gado Gado is a spicy nut sauce originating in Indonesian. It is served over an arrangement of cooked or raw vegetables. This recipe uses almond butter and creates a smooth, silky sauce. Pour gado gado sauce over vegetables and garnish with apple slices, lemon or orange slices, toasted sunflower seeds or almond silvers. Read more →

Cauliflower Medley Soup is a filling, yet light-flavored soup that is great year-round. Two cups of soup is a mere 62 calories and packed with vitamins and minerals. This cauliflower soup recipe can be made with water, vegetable or chicken broth. Personally, I prefer the added flavor of chicken broth. Read more →

The following Sinfully Delicious Baked Salmon recipe is packed with heart-healthy essential fatty acids and offers a light flavor that pairs well with the Green with Envy Tossed Salad and a side dish of potatoes. Feel free to grill the salmon, if desired. Just be certain to use a grill basket to avoid sticking or wrap in aluminum foil before placing on a hot grill. Read more →

Omaha Steaks Spring Clearance Sale

Attention Steak Lovers! Check out Omaha Steaks Spring Clearance Sale and save up to 68-percent! If the economy has forced you to cut back on meat intake, you will appreciate the savings offered through Omaha Steaks. In addition to saving money off your grocery bill, you will receive high-quality cuts of meat that will tantalize your tastebuds and satisfy your meat craving. Read more →

The following Green with Envy Tossed Salad recipe is perfect for parties, cook-outs, as a brown bag lunch or served for dinner. Add a grilled chicken breast or salmon fillet for a satisfying low-calorie meal. The main ingredient of any tossed salad is lettuce. To add variety and enhance the flavor try using a variety such as Romaine, Red or Green Leaf, Chicory, Escarole, etc. Read more →

Hard to Find Spices Available through The Cheap Gourmet

I recently discovered a plethora of hard to find spices and wanted to share my resource with you. Located in North Branford, CT, Cooking Enthusiast is a gourmet cook's dream come true. In addition to offering hard to find spices, this company also offers an abundant selection of cookware, cutlery, cook's tool, hand-painted pottery, gourmet coffee and tea, cookbooks and a host of BBQ gear. Read more →

Today, I'd like to share my favorite fresh green beans with shallots and ginger recipe. Ingredients are sauteed in coconut oil; a healthy saturated fat known to fight off harmful bacteria and aid in digestion. One cup of these flavor-bursting beans provides 9.3 grams of protein, has zero-cholesterol and relatively lo-cal at 272 calories per serving. Read more →

Spring has finally sprung and many of us are ready to shed those extra winter pounds. This month, The Cheap Gourmet will be presenting low calorie, high flavor recipes that are easy to prepare. Recipes are taken from my cookbook, The Diva Diet, which I co-authored with Heidi Whitaker; an autoimmune disease expert. Read more →