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10 Things I Love About Real Simple Magazine

This month's giveaway is a one-year subscription to Real Simple magazine. Real Simple is one of my favorite publications because it truly does simplify my life. In the spirit of December countdown, I would like to share 10 Things I Love About Real Simple magazine:

10: Home and Organizing: New Uses for Old Things ~ Got rubber bands? Real Simple shows you how to use them to decorate Easter Eggs, open jars, bring order to your dishwasher or wrap a gift.  Have an old Twister game mat lying around? Use it as a tablecloth for a children's party (although grown-ups like it too!). Tired of searching for hair barrettes, scrunchies and ponytail ties? Use a… (click here for the answer).

9. Green Living: This section of Real Simple shows you how to recycle and reuse anything. Did you know you can use plastic grocery bags as knee pads, hand protectors, paint brush preservers, and rain hats? Discover more recycling tips and start the New Year off by being green!

8. How to Pack a Suitcase: Planning to travel during the holiday season? If so, you don't want to miss this great video on packing your suitcase. Learn the secrets of packing light and avoid expensive luggage fees!

7. Beauty and Fashion: Ever wonder what ingredients are in your skincare products? Real Simple provides a comprehensive list to help you determine what to look for and what to avoid.

6. Health and Nutrition: Ready to shed those extra pounds? Real Simple provides 20 Little Ways to Drop Pounds, which includes smart tips for taking off and keeping off unwanted baggage.

5. Mind and Mood: Do you worry too much? Are you stressed out? Need more energy? Too wound up? Real Simple provides simple techniques to stay calm, become energized and stop worrying, along with 29 low-cost, make-you-smile ideas.

4. Money: If you're like most people, you're looking for ways to slash expenses. Real Simple shows you How to Save $5,000 in 2010 without cutting back on essentials.

3. Holidays and Entertaining: Need help planning a party? Real Simple has you covered. From weddings to birthdays and baking to buying gifts, you'll find everything you need to make every occasion special.

2. Food and Recipes: Looking for decorative tabletop ideas? Real Simple provides a gallery of 26 Beautiful Table Settings guaranteed to make your guests feel special and turn you into a decorating goddess.

1. Food and Recipes – It only makes sense that my favorite section is Recipes! This year I plan to focus more on healthy foods that provide fewer calories but offer a burst of flavor. Have you ever noticed that a lot of healthy foods taste like cardboard? Well, no more! Real Simple offers an entire section dedicated to Healthy Meals. Start the New Year off in the right direction by including these tasty, yet healthy, recipes into your weekly meal planning.

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