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Gourmet Fresh Fruit Club

Introducing Gourmet Fresh Fruit Club: Helping You Succeed in Fruit and Veggie Day!

In celebration of our new "Fruit and Veggie Day" program, I'd like to introduce you to Clubs of America Gourmet Fresh Fruit Club. Joining the club will make it so much easier for you to participate in the Fruit and Veggie Day program because each month you will receive five pounds of seasonal gourmet fruit delivered straight to your door.

The Gourmet Fresh Fruit Club offers perfect freshly harvested and handpicked fruit directly from the grower. Each 5-pound order includes succulent, ready-to-eat fruit bursting with flavor. Each month, Gourmet Fresh Fruit Club members receive two different kinds of fruit harvested by hand at the peak of the season.

Monthly Fruit Club

Recognized as a prominent gift club specialist,Clubs of America has been in business since 1994. They know what it takes to satisfy their customers and go above to ensure members are completely satisfied with their product order.

Every Monthly Fruit Club order is backed by an ironclad 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. There are no subscription requirements. Club membership can run for the length of time you specify. Choose from one month to twelve month programs. Should you decide to order a one-year subscription, Clubs of America is currently offering an instant $25 savings

In addition to receiving the world's finest gourmet fruit, members also receive Fruit Expeditions™, a monthly fruit club newsletter containing interesting facts on current selections, along with opportunities to stock up on your favorite varieties at discounted prices. 

Fresh Fruit Club makes an excellent gift certain to be enjoyed by everyone who receives it. Currently, all orders include free shipping. If you are looking for high-quality, freshly picked gourmet fruit, join Clubs of America Monthly Fruit Club today. Both your wallet and your body will be glad you did!

Click on the banner below to place your Monthly Fruit Club order today!

Monthly Fruit Club

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