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Beer of the Month Club: Perfect Father's Day Gift!

Beer of the Month Club makes the perfect Father's Day gift. This unique club offers rare, microbrewed beers from all across the United States. Each month your dad will receive one 12-pack of fresh, unique, flavorful beers that will make his friends green with envy. Each 12-pack includes three bottles of four different beers.

Once your dad tastes Beer of the Month Club brews, he'll never be able to drink regular beer again. This can actually work to your benefit because Clubs of America is currently offering a $10 instant savings with the purchase of any 6 month subscription.

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Another great feature of Beer of the Month Club is there are no minimum requirements. You can send your father one 12-pack of tastebud exploding brews or establish an autoship account for eternity. Seriously, Beer of the Month gives you full control over your shipment frequency and if you only want one 12-pack they won't hound you to buy more.

I purchased a one-year subscription for my husband's 40th birthday last year. Every time his beer arrives he is like a kid on Christmas Eve. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving. My husband only shares his prized mircobrewed beers with a few select friends. They think I am a Goddess for buying my husband the coolest gift on the planet. Who knew all it took to be adored and admired was a 12-pack of exotic beers once a month!

If your dad isn't a beer drinker, Clubs of America offers all types of monthly subscription clubs. Maybe your father would prefer cigars, chocolate, wine or pizza. Although the Pizza of the Month club is a little pricey, recipients receive three enormous 9-inch deep Chicago-style pies. For the pizza consummate, this is the ultimate gift. Not to mention, it pairs perfectly with the Beer of the Month Club!

If you aren't already sold on ordering the Beer of the Month for your dad, consider this... You don't have to go out shopping and deal with rude sales clerks. You won't have to fight for a parking spot. You won't have to wonder if your dad will like your gift. You don't have to buy gift wrap.

All you have to do is click on the highlighted link below, select subscription frequency and voila! - instant gift delivered straight to your dad's doorstep. And, if you're lucky, he'll share one of his brews with you.

In closing, you must be of legal drinking age to order from Beer of the Month Club. As always, please drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

Click here to get $10 off a 6-month Beer of the Month Club subscription - Coupon Code: Discount1

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