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What's Better than Cheap Gourmet Food? Free Gourmet Food!

"What's better than cheap gourmet food? Free gourmet food!" That's the subject line of an email I received earlier this week. I receive numerous email requests from companies wanting me to promote their product or service on The Cheap Gourmet blog. I'm very particular about who I allow in because I genuinely care about my readers and don't want to lead them into some scam. So, I conducted a bit of research.

I'm happy to report that the free gourmet food headline is legit. North American Import and Export is giving away one $200 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice. All that is required for a chance to win is to publish a post on their website telling which restaurant you would choose and why.

The Cheap Gourmet is post #81. My vote went to Flip Flops Chill and Grill in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I love that restaurant! Not to mention it is co-owned by Danny Veltri, the "redneck chef" who made it to the finale on Hell's Kitchen.

If you want a chance to win a $200 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, go check out the contest at North American Import and Export. Entries must be completed by midnight May 3rd. Only one entry per person! Winner will be announced May 4th.

Free gourmet food contest rules can be found at http://www.nafood.com/pdf/contest-rules.pdf. Note, this is a PDF file which requires Adobe Reader to view.

Don't delay. Go post your entry at North American Import and Export and if you win, please let me know. Good luck!