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April 2009

I am a huge fan of Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwiches. As a child, my mom served BLT sandwiches at least once a week. She grew the lettuce and tomato in her garden and mom's BLTs were always bursting with flavor. After moving away from home it was hard to create a sandwich that tasted as good as mom's. Read more →

I'm excited to share this gourmet BBQ Country Spare Ribs recipe with you. What began as an experiment turned out to be the best barbeque sauce I've ever tasted. The leftovers yield tastebud-exploding pulled pork BBQ that will leave you begging for more! Read more →

I've been a fan of Rice-a-Roni since I was a kid. It was a staple in our household because it was a cheap food nearly everyone liked. With a husband and four kids to feed, my mom was not only the Cooking Queen, she was also the Queen of Frugality. Who knew her frugality would lead me to my destiny of becoming The Cheap Gourmet ;-). Read more →

Surgical Technician Schools: 100 Best Blogs for Living Healthy on a Budget

This morning I received notification from Surgical Technician Schools that The Cheap Gourmet has been included in their list of 100 Best Blogs for Living Healthy on a Budget. This well-composed list offers a wealth of resources to help you save money while staying healthy during hard economic times. Read more →