Chicken Breast Stuffed with Brie Cheese & Wrapped in Bacon
What's for Lunch? Seven Simple Lunch Ideas

What's for Dinner? ~ Seven Cheap Gourmet Dinner Suggestions

Are you wondering what's for dinner? If so, here are 7 super simple cheap gourmet dinner suggestions:

Monday: Balsamic and Olive Oil Marinated Pork Shoulder Steaks. This entree is perfect with sides of macaroni and cheese and green beans. Add a slice of bread with butter or dipping oil or a hot dinner roll.

Tuesday: Baked Mahi Mahi Fish. Mahi is a delightful white fish with mild flavor. If Mahi Mahi isn't available, substitute with Talipia or Cod. Serve with a baked potato and peas or green beans.

Wednesday: Brie Stuffed Chicken Breast. This entree pairs well with roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes or baked potato and a side of corn.

Thursday: Gourmet Meatloaf. Pair with a fresh garden salad, mashed potatoes and green beans, corn or peas, and a hot dinner roll.

Friday: Gourmet Flatbread Pizzas. By the end of the week most people are too tired to cook. Try these indiviual personalized pizzas for a quick, easy meal.

Saturday: Gourmet Crab Legs. This super simple recipe yields scrumptious tasty crab legs so delicious you don't even need melted butter! Serve with a side salad, baked fries and corn-on-the-cob.

Sunday: Herb Crusted Chicken Breast. This is the perfect Sunday meal! Serve with baked sweet potato fries and steamed aspargus or mashed potatoes and green beans.