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September 2008

Barb's Fall Harvest Pumpkin Bread

Since it is officially fall, I felt there was no better time to share mom's "Fall Harvest Pumpkin Bread" recipe. Mom served this hearty loaf bread throughout the fall and winter season. I remember one time she made the pumpkin bread for the adults attending a Halloween Party. I loved the aromas bursting from the oven and couldn't wait to indulge in a slice... Read more →

Cherry Delight Pie

While I intended to present mom's favorite recipes throughout the month of August, I simply wasn't able to bring myself to open her recipe box. Today, is the first time I have been strong enough to peruse mom's recipe collection. The first recipe in the box was for Cherry Delight Pie. Mom absolutely loved this dessert because it is super simple to make, it's affordable and everyone who eats it goes bonkers for it. I hope it becomes one of your favorites! Read more →