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My husband's birthday is the end of this month. He's turning 40, so I wanted to get him a gift that would be memorable. With the passing of my mother, handling of her estate and our upcoming move, I didn't have time to head to the Mall and spend endless hours searching for the perfect birthday gift. Instead, I decided to locate something spectacular online. And, guess what? I hit the jackpot!!

I discovered,; a website that offers just about any kind of "gift that keeps on giving". They offer Beer of the Month, Chocolate of the Month, Wine of the Month, Cigars, Flowers, Coffee and even Pizza of the Month! Since my husband is a connoisseur of beer, I chose to subscribe to the Beer of the Month Club.

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The Beer of the Month Club allows you to choose the length of your subscription; from one month to one year. I elected the one year subscription because I know my husband is going to flip over this gift. Besides, the annual subscription gives you an extra $25 in Club Cash. With this added bonus, Brad will receive what I refer to as the "Baker's Dozen of Beer." In essence, using the extra $25 he can receive an extra month of beer for the price of 12 months. I love bargains, don't you?


This monthly beer club includes a 12-pack of four different microbrewed beers from around the country. Each month, Brad will receive a collection of these unique mircobrewed beers right to our doorstep. With the cost of gas these days, I'm thinking of ordering everything online! He'll also receive a monthly newsletter, "Beer Expeditions", which provides information about the various beer selections. Another nice feature of Beer of the Month is members receive discounts on any additional purchases. If Brad falls in love with a particular microbrewed beer, he can order more of it through the club at a discounted price. 

Hopefully, Brad won't be reading The Cheap Gourmet blog this month. I'd hate to ruin his birthday surprise! However, I did want you to know about this service. All I ask is that you keep his gift a secret until July 31st :-) If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving, check out I'm seriously contemplating joining the Chocolate of the Month club and giving it to myself for my upcoming 50th birthday on July 27th. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a milestone birthday gift is there??

Click here to get $10 off a 6-month Beer of the Month Club subscription - Coupon Code: Discount1