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Ten Ways to Recycle Coffee Grounds

Recycled coffee grounds can save you time, money and help you avoid toxic fumes from commercial cleaning products. Below are ten ways to recycle coffee grounds and protect the environment. 

  1. Mix the grounds with water to provide your houseplants with an "energized" drink. Plants need the nutrients found in coffee grounds, including nitrogen and potassium, both common ingredients in store-bought fertilizer. Using organic grounds will provide a healthier and happier plant environment!
  2. Sprinkle used grounds on your outdoor plants.
  3. Sprinkle a ring of used grounds around a tree or plantings to deter ants.
  4. Use slightly damp grounds on icy steps and sidewalks. The grounds stick to the ice, creating a safer walking surface.
  5. Pour a few grounds down your drains to gently scrape the sides of the pipes. Do not use if pipes are already slow draining or clogged.
  6. Use to scrub gunk off surfaces such as grills and greasy pans. Use wet or dry grounds.
  7. Keep a container of dried coffee grounds in a shaker near the kitchen sink. Use to scrub strong odors such as fish, garlic and onion, from your hands.
  8. Wet your face and scrub with one tablespoon coffee grounds. This is a gentle exfoliating wash for your face.
  9. Use steeped grounds and a cotton swab to touch up furniture scratches.
  10. Coffee grounds are a great addition to any compost pile. Just throw them into your compost bin, filter and all.

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