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Le Gourmet TV

Recently, I discovered Le Gourmet TV, an interactive gourmet cooking website packed with step-by-step cooking videos. What I like about Le Gourmet TV is not only can you watch how recipes are put together, you can also learn a great deal about cooking.

Le Gourmet TV also includes videos on how to choose the proper cooking equipment, how to pair wine and cheese with your meals, how to choose the proper type of beer and a "Field to Table" section which promotes Sustainable Living.

In addition, Le Gourmet TV offers a variety of channels with easy-to-understand videos. You'll find a channel for Baking, BBQ, Beer, Cheese, Coffee, Preserves, Whiskey, Wine and Tea. Other channels include the Chef Series, Cooking Gear and Roadside Menu.

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Another nice feature I like about Le Gourmet TV is their extensive Cooking Glossary and Tea Glossary. I thought I knew alot about cooking until I reviewed these well-researched categories. Now, I realize I don't know nearly as much as I thought I did. Back to the kitchen I go!!

It appears that Le Gourmet TV is still in its infancy because there is not an abundance of videos uploaded at this time. For that reason, I recommend bookmarking the site and returning often for updates. While you're visiting Le Gourmet TV take a moment to fill out their Survey and let them know what you would like to see and how they can improve the site.

Last, but not least, if you would like to promote your cooking video on Le Gourmet TV, they offer reasonable prices. Additionally, you can sponsor a cooking video which is a unique way to promote your cooking or food business.

To learn more about Le Gourmet TV and all they offer, visit their website at www.legourmet.tv.