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Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. Currently, we have about 48 hours left until Thanksgiving Feast Day arrives! I've been scouring the 'net to find quick, easy Thanksgiving tips that will help you prepare the perfect turkey, bake the best pies, serve delectable desserts and locate a cornucopia of Thanksgiving recipes.

The first Thanksgiving Tip is provided by Whole Foods Market. They offer a Holiday Meal Planning Guide which will help you organize your guest list, prepare a menu and shopping list and develop a cooking plan. Organization is the key to presenting an elaborate Thanksgiving feast. Whole Foods Holiday Meal Planning Guide will help you get everything under control in no time!

If you're planning on serving turkey for your Thanksgiving meal, Whole Foods Market presents the Guide to a Perfect Turkey. Discover how to choose the perfect turkey, learn how to safely handle the turkey (you don't want your guests getting sick!), stuffing techniques, general turkey cooking tips and a turkey roasting guide. The Guide to a Perfect Turkey provides everything you need to prepare the perfect bird!

Not sure how to carve a turkey? Whole Foods provides a step-by-step How to Carve a Turkey guide complete with photos.

Need help with baking? This Holiday Baking Guide will help you every step of the way. Learn how to choose the right type of flour, understand the difference between chocolate, discover healthy substitutions, pick up a list of pantry basics and grab some delicious recipes.

If you find yourself struggling as you prepare your Thanksgiving meal, Real Simple magazine offers How to Fix 10 Common Thanksgiving Problems and a Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet.

Need Thanksgiving Recipes? You can find 925 Thanksgiving recipes at the Food Network or download The Cheap Gourmet's recipe collections including Healthy Holiday Recipe Collection or the Pumpkin Patch Recipe Collection.