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I missed the last two episodes of Top Chef and went to to find out who won. If you're like me and didn't see the winner, it was Hung. Personally, I wasn't all that fond of Hung's personality, but he was definitely very focused and has an incredible passion for cooking. I was rooting for Casey, but Hung was deserving too. Oh well, life goes on...

While at Bravo's website, I discovered the website, which is packed with all kinds of cooking info. You can find all kinds of Foodie blogs including The Chocolate Blog, Rocco DiSpirito's blog and Tom Colicchio's blog. There's a recipe finder which includes many of the Top Chef recipes. If you salivated over Hung's food, there are several of his recipes posted.

If you like Match Games, check out the Memory Match and Foodie Match. I found the Foodie Match to be easier than the Memory Match. Once you play a round of either game, you'll have access to additional match games. I'll warn you that it's a little addicting, so don't start if you don't have a little time to play.

The recipes are the highlight of the website. There's a recipe for Berry Cheesecake in the Desserts section that is calling my name. Go check it out and grab your favorite Top Chef recipes at