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How to Host a Hurricane Party

Tailgator_blender_hurricane_party For those of us who live in Hurricane Alley, hurricane parties are a way of life. Typically hosted in a spacious home equipped with hurricane shutters and generators, people unite to have fun, reduce stress, and literally eat all the food in the house -- at least frozen and refrigerated foods ;-)

A few weeks ago a friend of ours purchased the Tailgator Gas-Powered Blender. This gadget is an absolute Must-Have for any party, but particularly Hurricane Parties. The engine is something you would normally see on a gas-powered weedeater. With just one gallon of gas, you can crank out 6500 frozen concoctions. In my opinion, this is the ultimate machine for making frozen margaritas!

When hosting a Hurricane Party, safety is the #1 Priority so make certain you have all the necessary supplies. Typically, guests will bring their own sleeping bag and flashlight and an appropriate hurricane party accessory such as board games, playing cards, snack foods and bottled water.

Everything you need to know about hosting a Hurricane Party can be found in an article I published, entitled How to Host a Hurricane Party. For me, gourmet food is a must have so the remainder of this week I will be publishing Hurricane Party recipes and party tips. Stop back by to grab these yummy recipes, or better yet subscribe to The Cheap Gourmet newsletter. Simply enter your email address in the Newsletter Subscription Box on the right side of this page. Each week you'll receive an update of blog posts.