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How to Read a Recipe

Recipe_card Last week, I asked my teenage daughter to look up a recipe for me. She was attempting to read the ingredients, but unfamiliar with the measuring abbreviations used. Shocking, I know! However, it dawned on me that if my own kid didn't know how to read a recipe, there were probably lots of other folks who don't know how to read one either.

That prompted me to write a step-by-step guide to preparing any recipe, which I have published at my Associated Content Portfolio. If you struggle with reading recipes, "How to Read a Recipe" will take you by the hand and help you understand the jargon. You'll learn about different cooking techniques, cooking equipment, cooking measurements, food preparation terminology, cooking and baking temperatures, and more.

Click here to read the full 6-page "How to Read a Recipe".

I invite you to peruse my entire Associated Content writing portfolio at You'll find additional recipes and cooking articles that are not available on The Cheap Gourmet blog. Thanks for reading! I hope you benefit from the articles.