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Cooking Vacations

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a great chef? Do you fantasize about creating masterpiece dishes or yearn to discover the secrets of authentic Italian cooking? If so, a cooking vacation may be exactly what you need.

In recent years, cooking vacations have soared in popularity. There are many reputable tour operators, hotels, and restaurants offering a variety of cooking vacation packages in locations all around the globe. I've included my 5 top picks. You can locate even more by typing in "cooking vacations" at your favorite search engine.

The Cheap Gourmet's Top Five Cooking School Picks

  1. Gourmet on Tour
  2. Culinary Vacations, Inc.
  3. Blair House Inn
  4. Gourmet Retreats
  5. Hugh Carpenter's Camp Napa Culinary

For a more detailed report of cooking vacations, read "Cooking Vacations for Lovers of Fine Cuisine". 

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